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Good Hair was all she wanted

Everyone has a horror hair story but an estimated 73% of African American women experience the horrors of relaxer induced alopecia e-ve-ry day; hair loss related to the chemical relaxers designed to straighten African strands.

This is disproportional by any standard. It's more than any ethnic group even though African American women outspend every other race when it comes to hair care.

The disproportional damage seems to be the reason behind the renaissance of Natural Hair. Tired of broken hair and scalp issues Black women worldwide finally revert to their natural roots.

After believing we had bad hair for centuries it isn't an easy task but certainly a time to celebrate, relate and reflect. That is what we do with the Going Natural Video Diaries.

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About the Video Diaries

Why do so many Black women seem to go natural? How do they do it and how do or did they cope with the issues of going natural?

What ARE the issues? Do we share the same issues but most of all what drives us and what does Going Natural teach us?

Luckily living in a digital age allows us capture live while it's happening.

So what better way to find out then to let the movement speak for itself and see how we relate?

The Going-Natural Video Diaries is a live documentary that captures the Natural Hair Movement in Motion revealing how Black people connect and relate to their follicles to help us heal at the root.

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Do Men and Women have the same Black Hair Issues?

A performer, photographer, and model, Nejhé Ryutt is 24 years old from Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Nejhé Ryutt is embracing the natural beauty from the female’s to his hair. At this time of his life he learns to love everything about his hair, however it was not always like that.

He explains the struggles of growing up with the peer pressure of how hair is “supposed” to be. From Relaxed to Natural.

Nejhé says he relaxed his hair because he was ashamed of his hair. He believed that his peers with a softer texture had a better chance than him because of his hair. So naturally this Jamaican born was looking for girls with “pretty” hair to balance out his really really nappy hair. 

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